The Brighter Side is Not ALWAYS Bright

There are a few blogs that I really enjoy following. I think they are something akin to reality television for me, except for the train wreck-like awe the t.v. shows provoke– the blogs  I read are written by people that truly inspire me. People who are living and learning purposefully.

Real people being extraordinary, everyday, it seems like. How are they so awesome 24/7? Where do their beautiful ideas, creativity and constant flow of wisdom come from?

Then it dawned on me with a few of these posts from the sites I regularly enjoy and my own string of unfortunate events that choosing to live on the brighter side does not mean you don’t experience hardships, sadness, pain, fear or frustration. This quote from the Dali Lama brought me some more understanding…

“Mentally, physically and emotionally we are the same. We each have the potential for good and bad and to be overcome by disturbing emotions such as anger, fear, hatred, suspicion and greed. These emotions can be the cause of many problems. On the other hand if you cultivate loving kindness, compassion and concern for others, there will be no room for anger, hatred and jealousy”

                                                                                                                               -Dali Lama

Every person, every day and every situation is neither “good” nor “bad.” It is all simply potential. How we choose to understand and live through these experiences, what we create has the ability to become good or bad. There are so many times when we take life’s ups and downs so personally. We can begin to doubt ourselves and get caught up in the whimsy nature of our emotions. The truth is we can choose to learn and grow in the times we deem as “uncomfortable,” “difficult,” “hard,” or “sad.” The people I am inspired by  are not superhuman, they make the choice to dwell on whats “good” and when life presents its challenges they learn, they grow, they listen to their hearts.

You will never have the ability to change what life throws at you as it is happening, but you can change your outlook on it almost instantly, and begin to allow for more (and brighter) possibility. When you live in the brighter side it doesn’t mean there is no darkness, just that there is MORE light and that you make a conscious decision to acknowledge that light.


Here are links to the two articles that got me thinking:

Liz Clark and the Voyage of Swell

The Wellness Warrior

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